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My toilet bowl has turned grey! Can it be fixed?

Posted By on April 7, 2014

My husband was cleaning the toilet bowl today and used a wire wool 'brillo' pad to get rid of particularly stubborn stains. As a result there are some pale grey patches all over the toilet bowl. What do I do?


2 Responses to “My toilet bowl has turned grey! Can it be fixed?”

  1. mikah_smiles says:

    He might have scraped the enamel off the bowl. Try using a bit of ammonia on a soft sponge and attacking the grey patches. If they don’t come off, then yeah, he might have stripped the enamel off it. If it IS chipped enamel, it’ll start to rust after a while.

    I think the only way to get that fixed is to buy some bathroom enamel fixer (they sell it for chips in bathtubs) and paint over the scratches. You’d have to drain the toilet and leave it dry for a day or two, though.

    Hopefully someone with a bit more experience will answer this question for you.

  2. (:♥TayLee♥:) says:

    Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will bring it out. Pour a bucket of water down the bowl to rid of most of the water. Coat with toilet bowl cleaner, let is soak for 15-20 Min’s. Then brush & flush. Be sure not to get this cleaner on anything else as it will eat a hole in it.:)

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