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how do I fix my craftsman professional 15 inch wood lathe?

Posted By on May 13, 2013

I removed all the cover plates, and plugged it in so I could see what was happening inside. I can turn on the switch and hear the motor spinning. I can see it turning the gears for the main drive belt, but the transmission speed belt is not moving and the spindle does not turn. Everything sounds normal while it runs, but it doesn't spin any wood. It stopped working while I was working on a project. I caught an edge and ripped off a chunk of walnut as I was shaping a candle holder. I shut it down to see how big of a hole I had created in my candle holder and when I tried to turn it back on, nothing moved.
All the belts seem fine. I went looking for a pin or a set screw that would hole it to the shaft, but didn't see anything. Anybody have any ideas of where I should look? Thanks!


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  1. billy brite says:

    You might have sheared a key. Each pulley on a shaft must have a set screw or/and a key to keep it from turning on the shaft. Sometimes the maker puts in a shear key to protect the worker and machine from damage. In a jam-up, the key will shear allowing the drive shaft to spin freely. Look again. Make sure you unplug the lathe before you stick your hand in the drive section!

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